About Us

Coltin, Kathryn, Brisco & Harper Black
Lipan, TX

In late 2012, our family purchased a small group of commercial White Dorper ewes. This was not long after the dispersal of our families’ long tradition of Kelly Meat Goats. We were still living on the ranch in Ranger, Texas at this time. When the goats dispersed there was an obvious hole in our lives that needed to be filled with some type of livestock, fast. We all agreed at that time we would build a commercial flock of hair sheep to utilize the ranch pasture land we had. The plan lasted a whole week, maybe. We immediately started talking about how we could make them better. Not long after that we went to watch our first market hair sheep wether class at the State Fair of Texas. We were instantly “hooked”. Since that time, we have compiled the best dorpers and white dorpers we could possibly find to build a second to none ewe base that will produce exceptional, fundamental livestock that most of the livestock community can appreciate.

After being one of the more dominant breeders in the dorper wether game, our family made the decision to expand our operation through the acquisition of one of the premier flocks in the industry. The Strube Family, through tremendous efforts and ability, have established their mark as elite stockmen in the Medium Wool breed amongst a couple others. Even though the breed has never been their main objective or focus, through intense and competent selection, they have created one of the most prized black face ewe flocks in the business. Sound breeding decisions have yielded them major accolades such as champions at numerous Texas and National Majors, class winners and a multitude of top placing wethers. The purchase of their black face mature female base in its entirety has us well aligned to pursue more success outside of our current Dorper project. This incredible foundation of females should immediately position our family in our ultimate goal, creating elite show stock for the youth.

Kelly Livestock is conveniently located on Highway 281 in Lipan, Texas. We will continue to make our best effort to produce quality livestock for our customers. We promise to outwork the competition, provide unmatched customer service and constantly deliver quality that will excel in the show ring as well as breeding pen.